Korean Studies

Seek after Truth, Based on Facts

Ⅰ. General View of Korean Economy

1. Land and People

2. An Overview of  Korean Economic History

3. Opening - Up and Transition to Modern Economy

Ⅱ. The Rise of  Modern Economy and Economic Development

1. The Roots and Success of Korean Industrialization

2. The Process of Korean Economic Development (1962 -96)

3. The Foreign Trade Policy and Liberalization of Korea

Ⅲ. Korea's Role in the Global Economy

1. New Economic Order in the World

2. Korean Economy in the Global Economy

3. Korea's Role under the WTO System

Ⅳ. Foreign Relations

1. Commercial Relations between Korea and the Middle east in the Medieval Ages.

2. Modernization and Economic Development in the Korean Economy.

3. The Changes of the International Economic Order and the Middle East after the Gulf War

4. Economic Cooperation of Korea to the Middle East: Retrospect and Prospect.

5. Korean Economy in the Global Context and its Relation with Turkey.

6. Yemen's Economic Situation and its Relations with Korea.

7. Korean Studies in Yemen.

The Korean flag is called t'aegukki.


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