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 Seek after Truth, Based on Facts

Dr. Hong met with Yemeni President Ali Abdulla Saleh in Korea on 27 April, 2005.

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KYC is a private center attached to RIES set up on August 15, 1993. KYC was established to specialize in country study in the Middle East. KYC performs the interdisciplinary studies with KIME, Korea Institute of    the Mideast Economies. Remembrancer of the old homepage:  , , ③, , , , ,



Yemen, located in the southeastern area of Arabia Felix in the Greek Era, is well known to Korea as the Kingdom of Sheba (B.C. 950-B.C.115). Over the course of history, the rather small country on the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula has been serving as a wellspring of people emigrating across the peninsula and beyond, quickly adapting to foreign surroundings and even settling down for good. By reason of the fact, Yemen has been a root of the Arabic language and history.

In Korea, the Middle-East has been a keen interesting region since the oil crisis of 1973. According to the Korean advance in the Middle East, its studies and economic relations have been activated in Korea. Now the region of the Middle East is not a strange part to Koreans. The advances and studies of the Middle East, however, have been confined really to the oil-rich countries and the confronted nations with the Israeli struggle.

For this reason, Yemen has been treated as a strange land by Koreans. The great concerns about Yemen occurred among Koreans in relation to the unification affairs of the Korean Peninsular after the Yemeni unification on May 22, 1990. However insufficient materials and studies about Yemen and civil war of 1994 have still made her distant to Koreans. Moreover it is true that the significant cooperation has not been realized between Korea and Yemen, though the full diplomatic relations between two countries were established on August 22, 1985.

The study of Yemen has to precede other Arabian studies in order to know essentially the Arabic history, language and culture. It is also necessary for Korea, co-shared a disintegrated grief, to study basically for the purpose of promoting the exchanges of human resources and materials with Yemen. Nowadays Yemeni studies urgently needs to increase not only the increasing export-import but the common interests and development between Korea and Yemen. Therefore RIES, Research Institute of the East-West Economy & Society, established 'Korea - Yemen Center' on December 29, 1994 in order to found a Yemeni studies and increase the promotion of exchanges between Korea and Yemen.



As mentioned above, our institute became to recognize the need of exact Yemeni knowledge. In accordance with this fact Research Institute of the East-West Economy & Society(RIES) began to feel the need of basic Yemeni study to found a Yemeni studies in Korea through the comprehensive study of history, society, culture, art and economy of Yemen. For the purpose of it, Korea-Yemen Center was born in the form of study center attached to RIES under the article 3 of the institute regulations on December 29, 1994.



Korea - Yemen Center performs general and multi-aspectual studies for the specific subject that consists of RIES research team controlled by the director eligible for the objective project. KYC prides itself on being able to perform every project effectively through connecting organically 'home library system' possessed by each member, utilizing the computer network. KYC places its emphasis on the slogan of "Small, but Rich" in accordance with RIES precept, "Seek after Truth, based on the Facts". Moreover KYC possessed the Mideast specialists who attained the diploma M.A. or Ph.D. is able to carry out easily the comprehensive research for Yemeni Studies.


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Korea - Yemen Center is a pure private center and its finance is supported by the member's fee and public and private subsidies.


Main Activities

Korea - Yemen Center performs the following activities;

1) Collection and publication of research works, periodicals and other materials.

2) Promotion of academic researches and the exchanges of data and information

3) Short-term lectures and education of Arabic.

4) Carrying out the cultural and artistic events.

5) Holding sisterhood relationship with the related body in Yemen.

6) Consultant and recommendation for the economic cooperation.

7) Translation of research works and books about Yemen.

8) Research cooperation for the center's activities with the research institutions home and abroad.

9) Performing the other projects to coincide our center's objectives.


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