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õ γ(Old Sana'a)

Photo by S.M. Hong, 2005

UNESCO has considered Sanaa an aspect of international human heritage and undertook an international camping to protect, safeguard and maintain it, in 1984.

Old Sanaa was exposed to many natural disasters and war calamities, the most severe of which was the sweeping floods in the late 9th century. However, it was rebuilt and restored to its original condition and then expanded during the Jacobean Reign in the 12th century AD, when they built what is called Sultan Orchard . The city also witnessed expansion under the first Ottoman period, and a new quarter was added to Sanaa called Quarter of Beer al-Azab, which was populated by the senior officials. This quarter was distinct in its architectural style differing from that of Old Sanaa with regard to orchards and fountains. In the middle of the 16th century, Sanaa again expanded by adding the Qaa Al-Yahud, The Jewish Quarter. (sources: http://www.aytta.org/sanaa.htm).


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