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With its scenic beauty and unique cultura and historic heritage, Korea has much to offer tourist. A peninsular country with four seasons, it boasts picturesque beaches, mountains and rivers. There are many ancient Buddhist temples, roryal palaces, sculptural images, pagodas, arachaelogical sites, fortresses, folk villages and museums.[Sports & Tourism]

The development of Korea's tourist industry is a natural consequence of its phenomenal economic growth, but the specific allocation of resources has also been a vital factor. The Government enacted a series of tourism promotion laws which resulted in a growth rate of 11 percent annially in tourist arrivals during the last decade. There have been massive projects to explore and develop tourist resources and facilities such as hotel accommodations; land, sea and air transportation; tourist services; national parks; museums; golf course; and casinos. Most of the tourism development and promotion projects have been spearheaded by the Korea National Tourism Corporation.[Living in Korea]

Government regulations are constantly being reviewed and to offer greater convenience to visitors. A tourist visa is good for three months, and many necessities and sovenir items of both domestic and foreign origin are available tax free. Increasing numbers of tourist guides, proficient in English, Japanese and other languages, are being trained and employed.[Useful Links]

Tourists may visit Korea for 15 days without a visa, but proof of confirmed onward air reservations is required. Nationals of some countries do not need visas and may stay up to 3 months in some cases, 2 or 1 month for others provided they do not undertake remunerative activities in Korea. (Facts about Korea, 1995, Korean overseas Information Service)

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