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Culture & Art

Korean art possesses several distinguishing characteristics that create a unique style of its own. Korean art respects nature, and the extensive use of quiet and subdued colors is manifested in Korean paintings and ceramics. [Korean Images], [Art & Music]

Humor is another characteristic of Korean art. Bold exaggeration, the acceptance of non-symmetrical cubic objects, and unique spatial beauty conveyed by imperfect roundness are examples of humor in Korean art. [Korean Culture Pavilion], [Performing Arts]

Quiet harmony may be cited as another characteristic of Korean art. This means that there is no excess, the right materials being selected in scale with the surroundings. [Thought and Religion]

With all of these characteristics, the Korean arts have inherited a unique aesthetic sense which depicts beauty with honesty and simplicity that is free of artifice. (Facts about Korea, 1995, Korean overseas Information Service)[culture] [Religion] [Sport & Leisure]

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